Two of our fave presenters - Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield - are back after a holiday from ITV’s This Morning.


And during their hiatus, it seems Holly’s gone through a bit of a change at home. Her youngest child has been potty-trained, and her house has officially become a nappy-free zone!

She revealed on the hit morning show that her soon-to-be 2-year-old son Chester’s decided he no longer wants to be a baby, and resolved to eschew his nappies as a result.

“He won’t sit in the high chair, he won’t wear nappies, anything that resembles being a baby,” Holly began her story.

“Anything to do with being a baby, he just wouldn’t do. He just kept pulling tabs and taking his own nappy off which obviously is not great.

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“So I thought 'right, I’ll get you a potty. But you’re a one-year-old boy… I’m not sure this is gonna work.'”

It does sound like a potentially tricky sitch, but luckily Chester was keen to ditch the nappies for good, and took to the potty rather quickly.

“For about 2 weeks, in the house, he’d just go about the house with no clothes on and have a wee, and he was doing it, and it was fine.

“Then on Monday I thought ‘I’m gonna take you out for the first time’, so I had one of those portable potties. We had the tailgate down on the car and he’s having a wee on the back of the car, and it was all fine.

“He’s done it - we are a nappy-free zone.”

When we first heard Holly’s tale, we were like ‘yep, yep, yep’. Not only is it kinda nice to have a nappy-free house (yaaay) but so many of us with more than one child will be able to nod along in quiet agreement ?

Of course, many younger kids look to their older siblings and are keen to copy or ‘grow up’ just like them.

But even if you’ve got an only child, as soon as they start nursery, they’ll often start noticing the older kids going to the toilet… and want to emulate.

The mum-of-3's take on things is pretty timely, too, given that potty-training has been in the headlines recently.

Mum and My Carry Potty creator Amanda Jenner admitted she charges parents £2,000 to potty train their children, in the recent Channel 4 doc Too Posh To Parent.

Yikes ? That’s a lot of dosh. So naturally the revelation has got a few people talking!

Holly’s story sound familiar?

Did you little one decide one day it was time to ditch the diapers? Were they desperate to ‘grow up’ and took to the potty straight away?

And would you ever consider dropping some serious cash to avoid the whole potty-training thing altogether?

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Images: Instagram/Holly Willoughby

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