Mum-to-be’s pics show how much bigger your bump can get at night

Yep, your pregnancy bump really can expand during the day – and then get smaller again in the morning! Here's why...


Here at MFM HQ, we had to do a bit of a double take when mum-to-be Laura, from Dublin, share these 2 bump snaps with us – as they were taken ON THE SAME DAY.


Laura from Dublin, who is 16 weeks pregnant with her 3rd child, is amazed (as are we!) how much bigger her bump gets from morning (pic above, left) to evening (pic, above right).

“In the morning, I have a regular-sized bump,” says Laura, “although it’s big for me as I was very small with my other 2. But, by the evening, I feel I look like I’m about to deliver – it expands so much!”

So, is it normal for your pregnancy bump get bigger at night?

We know, from the mums-to-be who chat on our forum and our Facebook page that Laura’s smaller-in-the-morning-larger-at-night pregnancy bump is not a one-off – loads of others notice it, too.

On our forum, for example, Janebrown26  says: “I’m only 8 weeks 3 days with 2nd baby, and have a slight bump in morning – I can no longer fit it to my jeans. But, by bed time, I look like I’m 5/6 months.”

And Sio39 has a similar experience at a much later pregnancy stage, saying: “For sure, mine gets bigger at nighttime. In the morning, it looks a lot smaller but by bedtime looks huge. I was 35 weeks yesterday.”

Why does your bump look bigger at night?

So what’s going on? Experts agree that it’s all about your abdominal muscles getting tired from holding the weight of your baby bump, and so they loosen and expand, letting your bump sit out further and appear bigger. Then, when you go to sleep, those muscles get a chance to rest and recuperate, so, by morning, they’re refreshed and ready to hold your baby in more tightly again.

Quite how marked the daily small-to-large transformation is can depend on the number of pregnancies you have had, your build, and your age. Basically, your ab muscles may loosen a lot more easily and noticeably if you’re over 35 and/or you’ve carried several pregnancies already – or carried multiples.

And then, of course, there are other more obvious that can play a part in the end-of-the-day bump swell: your baby may have changed position from the morning or you may have have downed a big meal in the evening – hello, pregnancy bloat!

So, all perfectly normal – if a bit of a surprise the first time you notice it! If you find your bigger evening bump uncomfortable, you may find wearing a maternity support band helpful.

What do you think?

Did your belly shrink and swell from day to night? Tell us in the comments below – or share some compare and contrast pics like Laura’s on Facebook – we’d love to see.

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