Why Jacqueline Jossa hasn’t met Dan’s son

Dan Osborne reveals that he hasn't introduced his baby son to the mum of his 1-week-old daughter, Ella


Dan Osborne has revealed that new mum Jacqueline Jossa is yet to meet his son Teddy. The couple recently moved in together ahead of the birth of their daughter Ella Selina, who was born on 15 February. But Jacqueline is yet to meet her boyfriend’s 1-year-old son, who he had with ex-girlfriend Megan Tomlin.


But the dad-of-2 insists he wants the half-brother and sister to meet soon. “It’s something I’m trying to sort out at the minute,” he told Ok! magazine. “I’d like them to have a lovely relationship, it’s really important.”


“I want to introduce him the next time I have him,” he added. “I think in a few months he’ll start to understand that he has a sister. He’ll get used to being around her and he’s going to grow up to love his little sister and look after her.

“They’re going to grow as close as anything. Teddy’s such a lovely little boy; he’s always happy and always playing. She’ll love him as everyone does.”

Dan dotes on his son and floods his Instagram with cute pictures of the tot. Blending families can be hard but we hope Jacqueline, Megan and Dan find a solution that’s right for them.

Photos: Instagram / Dan Osborne

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