Why Katie Piper might adopt a child with burns

Her acid attack complications may prevent her conceiving again


Katie Piper wants to adopt a child with burns because she’s struggling to conceive again. The TV presenter was left with severe injuries after an ex-boyfriend ordered an accomplice to throw sulphuric acid in her face in 2008. And while she had no problems getting pregnant with her 1-year-old daughter Belle, new complications from the burns in her throat are making it difficult for her to eat enough to maintain a healthy weight to be able to conceive.


“I got pregnant really easily with Belle, but now I’ve got a problem with my oesophagus,” the 31-year-old, who recently underwent a nose operation to help her breathe properly said. “If I eat anything it gets stuck and I choke, because when acid was thrown over me I swallowed some of it and it burned my throat.

“So I’ve been to the doctor and he has given me these vitamin shakes, which replace proper food. I take them every day.

“But there aren’t enough vitamins to help me make a baby. That is why I have become so skinny. I think adopting is the best option.”

In 2009, Katie set up the Katie Piper Foundation to help victims of burns and other disfigurements. Speaking at V Festival, Chelmsford at the weekend, Katie revealed she’s thinking of adopting a child from the charity.

“I’m really thinking about adopting a child from the charity that I work with,” she told the Daily Mirror. “There are a lot of kids with burns and parents who have neglected them, and I would like to adopt, to give back a little.”

Good for you Katie, that would be a lovely thing to do.

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