Peter Andre has always described himself as a "hands-on dad" so he admits he’s finding it "pretty tough" not living with fiancée Emily MacDonagh and their new baby Amelia.

Emily has temporarily moved out of Peter’s East Grinstead home and is currently living at her parents’ house in Somerset. But there's not been an argument. The couple have chosen to do this so that Emily can finish her medicine degree at Bristol University. She'd put her studying on hold to have Amelia.

The arrangements mean that Peter is sharing his time between his two families - Emily and Amelia, and his two other children Princess and Junior.

"There was no way that Ems wasn't going to take Amelia with her and I understand that," the 41-year-old told MailOnline. "So on days when I’m not looking after Princess and Junior, I get in the car and head straight to Emily's parents’ house to be with her and Amelia. The most important thing in life is family. So even if it means I have to be up for 20 hours, I'll stay up."

Peter's also squeezing in going on tour this month. He tweeted a pic of his son Junior playing drums before his concert in Southend. "My boy warming up the drums pre-concert last night :))" he posted proudly.


Peter admitted that he's finding it difficult being away from his new baby and girlfriend. "It's really hard on all of us but we just have to keep reminding ourselves that Ems is doing this for our future."

He's also been thinking ahead with the childcare. "I'm a very hands-on dad. So I might look at being a stay-at-home dad at some point. I'm 41 at the moment - but I'm a very young 41. So if at 50 I decide to be a stay-at-home dad, it'll be fine because I'll be a young 50-year-old.

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"For the meantime though, we're just having to manage our hours the best we can."

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