Why Peter Andre won’t be having more children anytime soon

The dad-of-3 reveals why he's holding off having more children with fiancée Emily MacDonagh


Peter Andre has revealed he won’t be having any more children with fiancée Emily MacDonagh any time soon. The dad-of-3 said he’s unable to “think past tonight” when asked if he’s planning on adding to his brood. Instead, the singer is focusing on his career and says he has a busy year ahead.


“My manager rang me yesterday and she just said to me, ‘It’s going to be your best year yet,'” he told OK! Online. “So there’s some incredible things coming up this year that I didn’t even think would happen.

“And then all of a sudden, it’s all happened within a space of a few weeks. I’m very lucky.”

Although Peter’s career is kicking off, it means his 16-month-old daughter won’t become a big sister any time soon. But she doesn’t seem too bothered wearing a leather jacket and sunglasses in a new picture. “Uh oh 🙂 Amelia is a rock star already,” Peter commented on the sweet Instagram snap.

The 42-year-old proposed to Emily, 25, on New Year’s Eve, just a week before Amelia was born in January 2014. And we don’t expect to hear wedding bells anytime either. “It won’t be for a couple of years. We’re engaged and that solidifies our relationship, we love each other and know we want to be together,” Pete told OK! shortly after they were engaged.

Well, at least Pete’s “incredible” job opportunity might mean we’ll see more of him on TV!

Photos: Instagram / Peter Andre

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