Why pregnant Suzanne Shaw wasn’t happy with her holiday bikini

The former Hear'Say singer struggled to find a bikini and keep cool in the heat


When you’re pregnant, a week in the sun might seem like the ultimate luxury. Suzanne Shaw hopped on a plane with bump in tow for her mum’s surprise 60th birthday trip to Turkey.


But the former Hear’Say singer and mum-of-1 found being pregnant on a family holiday isn’t easy, and said it can be an “uncomfortable experience”, in her blog for Closer magazine. She wasn’t happy with the bikini options for pregnancy boobs for a start…

“Being in heat and dressing your bump to look good but also for comfort can be very tricky,” she said. “I couldn’t avoid strap lines from my bikini top. Finding a strapless bikini top for my ever-growing boobs is an impossibility, let alone finding a do-it-yourself version on the day. I’d rather have the strap lines than the mishap!”

The 33-year-old is pregnant with her second child – her first with fiancé Sam Greenfield. She’s already mum to 10-year-old Corey from her relationship with Darren Day.

Suzanne also found choosing what to eat difficult. “Choosing the right thing to eat abroad is essential when pregnant,” she said. “Going for cooked carbs like pasta, bread and chips was the safest option. Obviously not the best and I’d rarely say this but not the preferred choice with the heat. All I wanted was fresh salad and fresh fruit, but that’s the problem – how fresh is it and has it been washed with tap water? You have to be careful as my boys discovered! It’s fair to say the healthy eating went out of the window and I don’t regret any of the 20 ice-creams I had.”

She also admitted it was “hot and uncomfortable staying still for too long on the sunbed”.

So Suzanne was glad to get home in the end. ” As nice as it is to be away and have an amazing time with everyone, it’s a good feeling to get back home to your own environment,” she said.

Do you have any tips for making the most of a holiday while pregnant?

Photos: Instagram / Suzanne Shaw

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