Why Robbie Williams has new respect for women who give birth

Singer reveals watching Ayda in labour was like a scary film


Robbie Williams is known for his smash hits, wild lifestyle and way with words, so it’s no surprise his description of wife Ayda’s labour was, well, rather unusual.


In true dad’s style, the former Take That star revealed daughter Teddy’s birth was like a mix of scenes out of  gruesome movies Predator and Saving Private Ryan.

“It was like the first 30 minutes of Saving Private Ryan down there,” Robbie told The Sun.

“It was like Ayda vs Predator. She’s saying the same thing. It’s an image that won’t go away.”

Err, thanks for painting that picture Robbie!

But the ‘Candy’ singer did admit he found the experience eye opening. 

“I’ve got such huge respect for women who have babies.”

The pop star, who welcomed Theodora ‘Teddy’ Rose into the world on 18th September, also revealed her arrival was far from smooth.

“I cut the cord but, bless her, I cut it while she was still inside Ayda,” added Robbie.

“Teddy was going blue because the umbilical cord was caught around her neck.”

Robbie is embracing fatherhood, having gone through his first dad dilemma, wanting Theodora to make her mark, and sharing snaps of him and his baby girl with the world.

What was your labour like?

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