Why this bookshop’s unusual pro-breastfeeding sign is dividing opinion

The intentions were good - but could it be perceived as a bit smug?


There’s nothing new about cafe/shops sharing “breastfeeding welcome” signs.


Here at MFM HQ we’ve seen plenty of those over the past couple of years. And of course, we think they’re great.

But this particular one – put up in a book shop in Coventry – has generated a bit of a debate.

The sign reads: “We only allow breastfeeding if it is done ostentatiously.”

It’s received tonnes of praise all over social media, though a few people have wondered if it comes across as a tad bit superior.

One commenter said: “What if you want to cover up when you breastfeed? Is that bad?

“This sign says to me that if you’re going to breastfeed you SHOULD do it uncovered and “out there” and some people prefer to be a bit discreet. I just find it a bit smug.”

Recently, MFM shared an article about how ‘to cover or not to cover’ seems to have become the new breastfeeding row, after TOWIE star Sam Faiers was criticised for breastfeeding her baby covered in an airport lounge. 

But to give the owner of the shop, Michael McEntee, his dues, he wrote the sign in response to a (now former) MP’s negative comment about breastfeeding in public, explaining:

 “It was in reply to the ridiculous comments [Nigel] Farage made about breastfeeding and how a woman was breastfeeding ostentatiously in a restaurant once. It’s so ludicrous I thought a quick doodle was in order.”

Fair do’s we say. We’re really glad that – covered or uncovered (we presume) – you’d get no complaints in in this particular shop for feeding your hungry bubba.


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