Why this mum’s getting the thumbs up for her soft play centre confession

'The mum on her phone is a human being who can't be up in her kid's face every second of the day. Can't our minds wander, too?'


There comes a magical time in every mum’s when life when taking your kid to a soft play centre can actually become – wait for it – really quite nice. Even relaxing and a bit of a rest.


It happens when, as your little one gets that bit bigger, they’re actually quite happy – and even prefer it – when you leave them to run around on their own, walk up slides and make new friends.

This is quite a revelation compared to when they were smaller and you felt you had to run round after them. Now, you might even get to sit and have a coffee if there’s a cafe area and do a little online browsing on your phone while intermittently checking they’re doing OK.

After all, it should be a very safe environment for your child to have fun in, they can’t escape, and you have paid for them to be entertained for a couple of hours after all.

So we loved this Facebook post from mum Bunmi Latidan, openly admitting that when her little one is having soft play fun she goes on her phone in a secluded bit of the soft play area so she can keep an eye on her boy but at the same time do a bit of web surfing and hide herself away from other mums.

I’m the mom on her phone in the playcenter. While my son goes up and down the junior slide 800 times, I’m hiding in the…

Posted by Bunmi Laditan on Thursday, February 18, 2016

“I’m the mum on her phone in the play centre,” Bunmi admits. “While my son goes up and down the junior slide 800 times, I’m hiding in the structure where I can supervise him and avoid contact with others at the same time.

“There are 2 other mums 20 feet away but they came here together and you know how that goes.”

Judging by the 10,000 likes her post has had, most mums on social media are totally getting – and applauding – what Bunmi’s said.

“Thank you!” said one. “My son is only 8 months old but even he doesn’t want me in his face ALL DAY LONG. It’s the times I walk away that I peek on him and he is rolling around and exploring.

“Plus, if I was in his face all day long I would go nuts and that would compromise my child’s safety more than my not being right next to him…”

Another reiterated what Bunmi had said in head-nodding agreement:  “The mum on her phone isn’t neglectful – she’s stealing one out of a thousand moments that she gives to her child. She’s not ignoring her kid, she’s meeting her own need for connection and stimulation.”

Fair do’s Bunmi. Now get me to that soft play sanctuary immediately.

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