We reckon former Grey's Anatomy star Katherine Heigl looked like an absolute vision in white when she appeared at a fancy LA bash with hubby Josh Kelley earlier this week.


The actress - who is expecting for the first time, and has 2 adopted children - was openly chatting about her pregnancy n the red carpet and shared how, lucky for her, it's all been going pretty well so far.


"I feel great!" said the star, who's due to give birth in January. "I am very, very grateful, actually, because you never know," she told the peeps at the Television Critics Association Summer Tour Party.

"I've had a really easy - knock on wood - pregnancy so far. Just tired and hungry."

And when it comes to stopping the hunger pangs - Katherine admitted she was finding herself drawn to one food in particular....donuts. Mmmmm. ??

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"On sets they always have craft service and have three boxes of donuts every day. I just try to take a bite or two… or six," she admitted.

""The sugar thing has been really bad - and I'm not generally a sugar person. On occasion I'll have dessert, but every day - I mean, if you put a cinnamon roll in front of me, I get ugly!"

We hear ya, Katherine!

Considering she's revealed she's having a boy, though, we're quite surprised to hear all this sugar talk: tradition has it that a sweet tooth in pregnancy is a sure-fire sign you're carrying a girl.

Not in this case, it seems. No matter, Katie - you just keep enjoying those donuts.

Congrats to the family ?

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