Why you need a peri bottle after birth

Mums have dubbed the little bottle a 'lifesaver' after giving birth


It might be small and unglamorous but this little bottle has been praised as a “lifesaver” after giving birth.


The peri bottle is used for rinsing your perineum with warm water after you give birth. The small holes in the spout give you a gentle spray of water – offering relief from that awful sting if you’re recovering from a tear. (We warned you it was unglam.)

But the humble bottle has been getting a lot of attention this week as new mum Chrissy Teigen revealed she’d bought herself one on Twitter.

And other mums rushed to tweet their thanks for the bottle

“I swore by this. EVERY SINGLE TIME u go potty! Fill that bottle, lukewarm, squirt your butthole to lady bits! Quick healing!” one commented.

“GIRL SERIOUSLY that thing is a lifesaver. Also those mesh panties?” another added.

While others offered their own birth recovery tips.

“I gave up on this namby pamby sucker and ended up peeing in the shower with a hand-held spray whishhing gently over my bits,” one said.

“Hope they sent you home with the vag numbing spray too. If not, go buy some,” another added.

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