Wife of trapped Chilean miner gives birth to baby girl

New mum has named her new arrival Hope


A wife of one of the trapped Chilean miners has given birth to a baby girl and named her Hope.


Hope is the first child of trapped miner Ariel Ticona and his wife, Elizabeth Segovia. She was born by caesarean section in hospital in the town many of the miners and their families are from.

The couple had planned to call their baby Carolina Elizabeth, but miner Ariel ask his wife by recorded video chat from the mine to name her Hope. Unknown to Ariel, Elizabeth had already chosen that same name for the new arrival before her birth.

 “Tell her we’re going to change the name of our daughter, and give her a long distance kiss,” said Ariel in the video message as other miners shouted, “We’re going to name her Hope!”


We’re wishing the new family the very best.

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