Will this be the ultimate reality TV baby?

Celebrity Big Brother stars Chantelle Houghton and Alex Reid are planning to have a baby together


Cage fighter Alex Reid and girlfriend Chantelle Houghton have only been dating since May this year, but in reality TV world, now is the perfect time to (apparently) start planning the future.


Talking to new! Magazine, Alex Reid, the former husband of Jordan, said that he and Chantelle are ready to have a baby together.

“I’m ready for kids. I’m ready now and I think she’s the right girl. We need to sort living arrangements and get a few things in order. I’ve been ready for a while,” said Alex as reported by Daily Mail.

“And now I just know I’ve found the right person. We’re definitely hoping it will happen within the next year,” added Alex.

However, the former Celebrity Big Brother winner Chantelle, 27, recently revealed that after years of crash dieting and bulimia she will be unable to conceive naturally. Alex’s fertility also came under the spotlight during his marriage to Katy Price and their public attempts to have a baby.

Alex told the magazine that they may have to rely on fertility treatment to have children.

Do you think Alex and Chantelle will have the ultimate reality TV baby?

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