Winter ‘Blunderland’ closes after mass complaints

Parents say 'horrendous' event destroyed their children's idea of Santa


A “dodgy” Winter Wonderland event has closed after one day because of complaints from parents. MK Winter Wonderland, in Milton Keynes, promised a Santa Claus, an ice rink and a range of other activities.


What it delivered was, according to one blogger, “not exactly magical.”

“We had spent £42 on pre-booking our visit,” she said, only to be greeted with “men dressed in Santa outfits from Poundland”.

Others took to the event’s Facebook page to vent: “Well done Winter Wonderland: you just helped destroy the idea of Santa for loads of kids, whilst some muppet sits there laughing at the amount of cash you raked in. Sickos,” posted one angry parent.

“This was horrendous… I put in my complaint this morning on the website. Bet that will be closed down soon, too,” said another.

Winter Wonderland MK was supposed to run until December 22 but, because of a strongly negative reaction from parents, it has shut after just one day.

The event’s organiser, Lorenzo Franco, said that 200 people had been refunded their ticket money so far. It was the first time his company had attempted to stage such an event and it seems he is now being investigated by Trading Standards.

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