Is Russell Brand soon to become a dad?

Reports claim the 40-year-old star's 27-year-old girlfriend is 5 months pregnant


Blimey, we didn’t see this one coming. Wild-haired funnyman (and some might say now slightly tedious political campaigner) Russell Brand is to be a daddy.


If reports in the media right now are correct, Russ’ girlfriend, Laura Gallacher (who is sis to Sky Sports reporter Kirsty Gallacher) is 5 months’ pregnant. Russ hasn’t confirmed the news as yet and has in fact declined to comment.

40-year-old Russ has been living with Laura, 27, in his riverside home in Henley-on-Thames for 6 months. Prior to this relationship, he had a bit of a rep for being something of a womaniser. 

Russell’s previous romantic entanglements allegedly include Kate Moss, Courtney Love, Geri Halliwell and Jemima Goldsmith (sis of Tory MP Zac), while his 2010 marriage to singer Katy Perry ended in divorce in December 2011. 

It would seem that impending fatherhood means Russell’s wild child days are well and truly behind him. A ‘pal’ of his told The Sun that although he might have “bedded many of the world’s most stunning women”, it was now “all about Laura and becoming a dad”.

“They have been living as a couple for the last six months and are determined to make a go of their relationship,” his friend told the paper. 

“It feels like a new chapter in their lives and the couple are enjoying every moment, including discussing baby names,” said the source. “Russell is absolutely made up. Most of his closest friends have children and he was desperate to start a family.”

Indeed, some people close to Russell have claimed he wanted kids when he was with Katy, but she felt she was too young, and that there were ‘conversations’ about children with ex-girlfriend Jemima (who was once married to former cricketer and now politician Imran Khan, and with whom she has two sons, Sulaiman and Qasim).

Ultimately, there’s nothing quite like a few years of sleepless nights, pooey nappies and baby sick on everything you own to finally make you feel like a tired grown up, is there?

Congratulations Russell and Laura!

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