When pregnant Stephanie Tallent went to hospital for a routine scan last Friday, she had no idea it would turn into the biggest day of her life. The mum-to-be was planning to wed her fiancé before giving birth a few weeks later and had already picked up her marriage license, and taken her white sundress to the dry cleaners.


So the mum-to-be was shocked to be told by her doctor that she was in active labour and that her baby would need to be delivered by c-section that day.

"We knew it was time for the c-section, she was coming," she said in a video released by the hospital. But Stephanie had her heart set on getting married to her fiancé Jason Nece before her baby was born. So rather than give up her dream, she asked hospital staff if they would help her put together a last-minute ceremony at the Texas Children's Hospital – and they sprang into action.


"I’m so excited I have so much excitement going through my head," she says in the video filmed on her wedding day. "I didn’t think I would wake up this morning and think I was going to have a baby and getting married today."

One staff member let Stephanie borrow a string of pearls while her doctor gave her the roses from her desk for a bouquet. When Stephanie walked down the makeshift aisle in her hospital room, a nurse played the wedding march on her phone.

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Once the ceremony was over, Stephanie was wheeled to pre-op in a wheelchair with 'Just Married' on the back.

The couple's daughter Sophia was born just a few hours later weighing a healthy 6lb 3oz. "We could not be any happier than we are now, just to see her," the new mum said. "I keep thinking 'Wait is this a dream?' there's been so much that happened so fast. It's so exciting and I'm so happy."


Getting married and giving birth are two of the biggest moments of any woman's life. So imagine if they both happened in one day?!

Photos: Allen S Kramer / Texas Children's Hospital

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