Woman gets pregnant naturally at 54

‘Miracle’ pregnancy for mum who thought she was going through the menopause


A woman has become pregnant naturally at the age of 54. Only a few women are known to have conceived without any assistance over the age of 50.


Italian mum Giovanni Ciardi, who already has a 23 year old daughter, is 15 weeks pregnant. She’s due to give birth in November.

She admitted to the Daily Mail that she thought she was starting the menopause. “I missed a period in January but when I began to feel nausea and have an upset tummy I went to the doctor.”

Giovanni and her partner were shocked when they were told she was actually pregnant. They immediately went out and bought a pregnancy test just to check – and the test was positive.

“I was so surprised – I never thought I would get pregnant at 54 and give birth at 55 years old.”


Giovanni joins a very select group of older mums. A 54-year-old woman gave birth to triplets in Washington, US, in 2000, while the oldest mum to get pregnant naturally was a 59-year-old from Guernsey who had a son in 1997. There’s speculation that her HRT treatment may have increased her fertility.

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