Woman offers eggs for sale to pay student loan

IVF centres tell potential parents to go through official IVF channels after a woman advertised her eggs online


A woman has advertised her eggs for sale on the internet in the hope couples struggling to conceive would buy them for  £4, 500.


“It seemed to be a good way of earning some money while at the same time helping a couple who otherwise wouldn’t have a child,” said Marje Khan, who is struggling to pay off £50, 000 of student debts. She claims she wasn’t aware that it is illegal to sell eggs for IVF in the UK.

“When people use IVF as a way of making money, they are often not aware of the full implications. In many ways selling eggs is like selling an organ,” said Dr Safaa Elgaddal-Maxwell from The London Fertility Centre.

A spokesman for the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority said that prospective parents in need of donations should only go to licensed clinics.

“IVF is very safe,” said Dr Safaa, “but it involves taking lots of medication which can, in rare cases, cause serious side effects.”


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