Woman pregnant with two babies in two wombs

Mum-to-be finds out she’s having two babies who aren’t twins


American mum-to-be, Angie Cromar, has told of her surprise to find out that she is pregnant with two babies at the same time who aren’t twins. Born with a rare condition that causes her to have two wombs, the chances of getting pregnant in both were one in 5 million.


Angie is a midwife and knows that this unusual pregnancy carries risks of low birth weights for her babies or premature birth. “Oh, I’m a little nervous, just because I know what can happen, but I’m really excited,” she said. Her babies, conceived a few days apart, are now around 20 weeks and the family are preparing buying two of everything.


“It’s pretty rare. We are pretty thankful, pretty happy,” Angie said.

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