Women are using ‘vaginal popsicles’ after giving birth

But what are they, exactly? And can they really help out with post-labour pain?


If you’ve never heard of a frozen condom or ‘vaginal popsicle’, don’t worry, because you’re not alone.


It’s only very recently that mums and dads have been speaking out about how filling a condom with water, freezing it and then popping it between your legs can help ease the downstairs pain many of us experience after giving birth.

The cool ‘popsicle’ can help reduce swelling, and all around make things a teensy bit more comfortable in the hours and days after labour. It works instantly, too.

A blogger named Direct Advice For Dads seems to be the source of this discussion, after he wrote that his wife was taken to a whole freezer of these popsicles after she welcomed their child.

And Popsugar has taken his tip a little further, recommending that you ‘lay the popsicle lengthways’ in your undies for maximum relief and if keeping dry is important to you, wear a sanitary towel in your undies to catch any drips.

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