Women better at spotting the cute factor

Women are better than men at determining a 'cute' baby, new research says.


Psychologists at St Andrews University manipulated computer images of babies and showed them to both genders, finding that women could tell a pretty baby instinctively by the chubby cheeks, button nose, and big round eyes. Whereas men struggled to distinguish an attractive baby from another.


They also found that women aged 19-26 and 45-51 were more sensitive to differences in infant cuteness than men aged 19-26 and 53-60. However, women aged 53-60 performed at the same level as the men when determining attractiveness of the babies.

The results of the study have led scientists to believe that reproductive hormones are important for women to recognize how cute a baby is.


On a more serious note, further research in this field hopes to explore whether cuteness sensitivity is also a factor in post-natal depression.

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