Women more attractive dancers when fertile

Research reveals men can tell a woman is at her most fertile from the way she moves


Men are able to tell when a woman is most fertile just by watching the way she walks and dances, reports the New Scientist.


In the study, women were filmed walking and dancing at the most fertile period of their cycle and again during a non-fertile time. Men were shown a silhouette of the women’s bodies and told to rate their attractiveness.

The results showed that men found the women’s movements when they were most fertile more alluring.

Bernard Fink, who led the study, believes increased levels of the hormone oestrogen result in changes to the body, which increase attractiveness.

“Oestrogen has effects on muscular control, skill performance, and on ligaments and tendons, so it’s reasonable to conclude that it could affect body movement,” Bernard said.

“This study suggests that women’s body movements provide subtle clues to female fertility, which men can detect and are attracted to,” he added. 

What is yet to be explained is whether women are unconsciously showing off that they’re fertile, or if the increased fertility hormones allow them to move in a different way.

So singer Shakira, famous for her sexy belly and booty-shaking dance moves, was right all along, those hips don’t lie.

Do you think you can boogie on down better at a certain time of the month?


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