How pregnancy really did change Adele’s voice

A new study confirms there is such a thing as a 'mum voice' - but how and why does it happen?


Superstar singer Adele revealed that when she was pregnant with her son Angelo, back in 2012, her voice completely changed – and now a study by Sussex University has confirmed that ‘mum voice’ is an actual thing.


“In pregnancy my voice got a lot lower, which is why Skyfall is so low – I couldn’t get up that high,” she said when Angelo was around 3 years old.

The star also underwent throat surgery in 2011, which she says made her voice sound very “clean”. “I can sing a lot higher than I used to, and I can sing a lot lower,” she revealed.

What does the study say?

A recent study carried out by Sussex University has revealed that women’s voices can, in fact, fall by almost a 6th of an octave after giving birth.

The research, published in the Evolution and Human Behaviour journal, looked at 40 mums over a 10-year period and revealed that their voices became lower and more monotonous after giving birth – but that they reverted to their original pitch after 5 years.

The study cited possible reasons for the voice lowering were either tiredness or hormonal changes.

How much can the voice change? 

Have a listen to Skyfall and Adele’s later song When We Were Young below and let us know if you can hear a difference in her voice.

First Skyfall (she should sound lower)…

And now Adele’s new song When We Were Young (her voice should sound back to normal in this one)…

Did you go through any unusual changes in pregnancy? Let us know in the comments below.

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