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Woollen breasts knitted for feeding practice

NHS commissions group to pick up their knit-sticks and make fake breasts

A group of women has knitted 150 woollen breasts to help teach breastfeeding techniques, reports the Metro.


The Somerset Mothers’ Union was commissioned by the NHS to make the fake breasts. These will be handed to health visitors and community nurses, to help new mums learn techniques and how to cope with breastfeeding complaints like mastitis or blocked ducts.

“At first I thought they needed 150 woolly vests,” said Shirley Dibbs, from Somerset Mothers’ Union.

“In the past, trainers had to use balloons to demonstrate feeding skills,” said Louise Stickland, a feeding specialist.

“To my delight, the Mothers’ Union enrolled their best knitters for us – and they have done an outstanding job.”

Knitted breasts aren’t a new phenomenon – in the USA, Knitted Knockers started creating free knitted breasts in 2007 for women who’d had a mastectomy after suffering breast cancer. Knitted Knockers also has links to patterns, if you want to knit your own. Try one of these:

  1. Tit Bits by Beryl Tsang
  2. Crochet Boobie pattern
  3. Knitted Breast by Lactation Consultants of Great Britain

If you knit any, make sure you post a picture of your creation here on MFM!


If you need help with feeding, check out our step-by-step breastfeedng guide, with a photo to show you exactly what to do at each stage.


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