Working mums are ‘better team players’, say bosses

Think having children has made you a whizz at multi-tasking and more productive than ever? So does your boss, according to new workplace research


Mums make better team players than women without kids. So think more than half (57%) of employers, according to new research.


In fact, working mothers are valued so much, almost three quarters (72%) of bosses describe them as vital to the UK workforce.

Why? Well, motherhood seems positively to hone our workplace skills, According to the research, carried out for Microsoft Office 365, most employers think that women’s workplace skills – including teamwork, multi-tasking and empathy towards colleagues and clients – improve after they become a mum.

It wasn’t all good news, though. The study of 500 British employers also revealed that common misconceptions are still an issue, with bosses admitting they believe mums will need more time off.

Are you a working mum? Do you think you’ve become better at your job since having kids? And do you really take more time off than your colleagues who don’t have children?

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