World’s first inflatable car booster seat

UK mum-of-two has invented a simple car seat solution for those unexpected car trips, called the BubbleBum


Grainne Kelly, a mum of two from Londonderry, Northern Ireland, has invented the world’s first inflatable, safety approved car booster seat. Aptly named the BubbleBum, this booster seat is light, foldable and easy to stow.


The BubbleBum spot on for taxi journeys, holidays abroad, and can even be packed into your child’s backpack. It’ll also prove handy for when you need to do the school run with an extra child onboard – or when your child needs to travel with another family.

Grainne’s motivation to design the BubbleBum comes partly being a mum, but also from her experience as a travel agent. “I just wanted to create a product that I could send everywhere with my children to keep them safe in the event of unexpected journeys.

“Modern families do a lot of travelling in cars, coaches and taxis, both here and abroad – bulky booster seats just aren’t practical to carry around even for one child, never mind if you have two or three.

“The BubbleBum has been designed to be small, light, practical and so easy to use that it’s perfect even for quick taxi journeys. Plus it looks good, so kids don’t mind carrying it around in their rucksacks or schoolbags,” said Grainne.


The BubbleBum has been approved under United Nations ECE Regulations R44/04 for safety for both Groups 2 and 3 car seats. For more info, head to BubbleBum.

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