World’s largest sleepover a success

Over 22,000 children and 8,000 adults raised money for charity by heading to bed.


Children clad in their PJ’s with their sleeping bags at the ready came from all sorts of groups, clubs and schools to take part in the Giant Sleepover.


This was the world’s largest simultaneous sleepover, with a record 890 sleepovers taking place. The largest group was the Northamptonshire Cub Scouts, who had a whopping 700 children in tow. The hottest sleepover recorded was in Delhi, India, and the coldest in the Shetland Islands!

It wasn’t just an ordinary sleepover – these took place in spectacular venues like the London Aquarium, SeaLife centres, the National Railway Museum in York and Alton Towers, to name a few.

All the snoozing kids who took part got to choose their charity, with the majority choosing Save The Children Whether they managed to get much sleep, we don’t know!

The Giant Sleepover has grown from just one school in Sevenoaks, Kent in 2003, into a Guinness world Record of 35,000 participants raising more than £300,000 for charity. Outside of the UK sleepovers include North America, Continental Europe, Bermuda, Singapore, Cyprus, Australia, New Zealand and Falkland Islands.


To register for next year’s sleepover extravaganza, visit the Giant Sleepover or call 0870 240 1640

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