You don't have to wait many months before the next photography trend comes along in the world of parenting - whether it's belfies (bump selfies), brelfies (breastfeeding selfies), sharing your pregnancy test pics, underwater photos, or up-close and personal birth shots.


And now, it seems, all you need to add is a bathtub full of milk to be bang-on trend with the latest photo craze.

Yep, mums-to-be and new mums are (literally) soaking up the opportunity to commemorate their pregnancy/new motherhood by relaxing in milk while the camera rolls.


These dreamy milky shots are the brainchild of photographer Ashley McGinty, who uses a jetted bathtub, and around 3 to 4 gallons of a mix of milk and water - enough to cover the jets.

The amount of milk you use depends on how transparent you want the white of the background to look.

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"I think milk bath photography is becoming popular because of the simplicity of it," says Ashley, explaining why she thinks her photos are such a big hit with mums. "The focus isn't on the location or the outfit."

The "blank canvas" of the milk means mums can customise the background in any way they want - often using flowers to give bursts of colour or fresh greenery for an organic feel.

In addition, she says it's great seeing what children make of the whole set-up.


"In my experience, either a baby loves it or hates it and it's funny to see each baby's reaction to the milk and flowers!" says Ashley.


Here at MFM HQ, despite the fact we're made aware of pretty much every maternity trend, fad and fashion going - we're in agreement that we actually rather like these.

Yep, we'll definitely be popping a couple of extra pints of semi-skimmed in our bags next time we do a shop...

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Photos: Ashley McGinty


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