Would you be tempted to try this dad’s solution to back seat arguments?

Hmmmm, we're not so sure - and we don't recommend you try it for yourself without expert advice


If you’re a parent to more than one child, the backseat bickering scenario is probably all-too familiar, right?


It can be a mare when you’re trying to transport your wee ones somewhere safely but they find themselves scrapping with each other on the journey – and it’s just not an option for you to get in between them and break the tussle up without finding somewhere to pull over and delaying travel.

So we do kind of get why this dad of triplets did what he did to put an end to the squabbles.

Yep – he’s put dividers up between the little lovelies so they can’t even see each other let alone scrap over toys/snacks/whatever else they can think of.

Hmmm – what do you make of that? We can definitely see the theory behind it – and while we can see it as a potential short-term solution, wouldn’t it be better to teach them to be nice and get along rather than just cut off their views of each other? ?

Plus – we’re also wondering what happens to those screens (we’re guessing they’re cardboard) if the car jerks, swerves or comes to a quick stop? Could they fall onto the bubbas or get slammed forward onto the driver or front passenger?

We really don’t mean to judge this dad – we’re guessing he shared his hack as a lighthearted nod to parents everywhere who deal with the car tantrums – and we don’t even know if the car’s moving in this photo.

And loads of people on Facebook love what he’s done. “Omg that’s awesome, good one!!!” said one fan.

And another commented: “I think this idea is great, I’m pregnant with triplets and my boyfriend and I always wonder how car rides are going to go with all of them lol.”

Though others did point out there could be some safety issues: “Those boards are dangerous – if you were to have a crash it could injure them badly.

“Not to mention your son on the right isn’t buckled all the way and rear facing them wouldn’t hurt any either since they are so tiny still.”

We have to say, we’re definitely not going to advise testing it out as I’m sure you’ll understand – though Dad, we feel for ya ?

What do you think?

Do you have any tactics to keep your littles ones from arguing in the car when you’re travelling – or do they get on as good as gold? Tell us over on Facebook.

Photo: Jake White on Facebook

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