Would you buy this portable hanging baby changer?

After Ashton Kutcher called for baby changing stations in men's toilets, 2 mumpreneurs from the USA came up with a solution...


Most of us have gone through this at some point or other: you’re out and about with your little one and when they need changing, there are either no changing facilities available or, if there are any, they might not be in the cleanliest state.


Or how about your partner offers to change the baby but the men’s loo has no baby changing facilities?

Or there are changing facilities in both the men’s and women’s toilets but they feel very exposed, i.e., outside the toilet cubicles where other people can walk by and you can get flustered feeling there’s a bit of a crowd while you’re trying to do the nappy change….

Sound familiar? We thought so. ?

With all this in mind, 2 mums from the USA came up with Baby Change ‘n’ Go – a folding baby changing hammock that you can sling over the back of a door and pop your baby in while you put a fresh nappy on them.


Simple but genius, eh?

It means you get to carry around your own changing area, cleaned to your level of hygiene – and as it’s been designed to hang from a door it also means you can go into a cubicle if you want that extra bit of privacy.

Brenda and Mahnaz Moosa came up with the design after they got fed up of having to change their twin sons on filthy changing tables.

They literally sketched out their designs on the back of an envelope before taking it to professional developers to help make the product a reality.


“They [other people] don’t clean up after themselves as often as they should, so there are bacteria, viruses, E coli., all kinds of things that could make your baby sick,” explains Brenda.

“Their hands are grabbing at things and the surfaces are dirty. This way, they’re grabbing at a clean surface that we have, that we own, and I’m not worried about it.”

Baby Change ‘n’ Go is being funded by a Kickstarter campaign – and here at MFM HQ, we wish these mums the best with their nifty little invention. We reckon if the price is right and it folds up nice and small this could become a staple for parents everywhere.

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