Would you use this breastfeeding emoji?

Unicode, the company who create and oversee the emoji characters, are said to be considering adding a nursing symbol


So, word on the web is that a breastfeeding emoji could be on its way – and why not? After all, we can already express (no pun intended) our emotions on text messages using piggy snouts, birthday cakes and flamenco dancers, so why not a nursing mama? It’s just a useful addition to the emoji-pedia, right?  


And unless you’re using one of these devices we shared news of earlier in the week, how much easier would it be to answer a message or text by firing off a quick breastfeeding emoji to let people know you’ll get right back to them after bubba has finished?

(We’re thinking more friends and family here – need to know basis stuff, rather than as a response to emails from your bank, or to a text from the courier company saying Colin is just a mile away with your parcel…).

And in those situations it could be quite useful, couldn’t it? And a bit of fun, too. 

However, as much as we do love it in those scenarios, we did have a little wonder about how non-breastfeeding mamas might feel about it.

Those who have chosen to bottle feed probs won’t give a hoot, but for those mums who can’t breastfeed for whatever reason, could having the symbol popping up on their phones and tablets from those who can, or just being proffered around generally, look a little… well, smug?

Obvs most people wouldn’t use it as some kind of parenting status symbol, but is there any danger that it could maybe createb something of a divide between breast- and bottle- feeding mums?

After all, feeding is SUCH an emotive subject, and one that can sometimes cause mums (and dads) a whole load of angst and worry.

At the end of the day though, it is just a fun little emoji to punctuate your texts and emails with of course, not an image for people to use as part of their ‘armoury of smug’.

And as a symbol of motherhood and parenting we think it is great – just as a bottle, spoon or sippy-cup baby pic would be too.

And of course, it could pathe the way for other useful parenting and baby emojis – baby bumps, throes of labour, nappy changing – the possibilities are endless.

What do you think?

Would you use this emoji as a proud breastfeeding mama? Would you be mindful of sending it to friends who couldn’t (or choose not to) breastfeed?

Or do you think that actually, it’s nothing more than just another graphic on your phone, and that you’re more likely to use the piggy face to denote feeding, or the knife and fork symbol?

Or just wait and reply when your baby is done? ?

Let us know your views in the comments or on our Facebook page.

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