Would you use this self-rocking and swaddling cot to help your baby sleep?

It claims to get babies to sleep in just minutes... but opinion on it is VERY divided


This is one hi-tech cot!


The Snoo – a cot which automatically rocks your little one – claims to get your baby to sleep in minutes.

Snoo’s design is based on womb movements, where – according to the crib’s makers – babies are rocked into a trance by the noise and motion of the their mum’s blood whooshing through the arteries. It aims to replicate that by rocking and playing white noise every time it senses movement or cries from your baby, resulting in them falling back to sleep in seconds.

And not only that, it comes with a swaddle suit which you zip your little one into, and attach to the crib, so bubba can’t move around or roll over in the night, waking themselves because they are cold or in an awkward position.

You can watch it in action here…

It was created by a paediatrician, Dr Harvey Karp, along with MIT industrial design experts, and they say it is the “smartest, and safest baby bed” in the world.

Dr Karp says that on average, new mums and dads get around 6 hours sleep a night, which can lead to tired parents using ‘unsafe’ sleeping practices for their little ones (such as taking them into their own bed). He says the Snoo’s goal is to give “that extra support to parents” and ensure both adults and baby gets a good night’s sleep.

But the cot’s $1,150 price tag (which is around £950) doesn’t make it very accessible –  and not everyone seems keen on the zipped-in swaddle aspect of it either.

A video of the cot in action has been doing the rounds on Facebook and has attracted a VERY mixed reaction.

One poster pointed out that the baby is not in the womb any more, so why try to replicate that after birth? While another said that it could even have a negative affect on a breastfeeding mum’s milk supply if the baby isn’t waking so frequently. 

One parenting expert even said that the cot is disruptive to the bonding experience between a newborn and its parent. Speaking to news.com.au, childcare guru Jen Hamilton said the device was  “not empowering or educating parents” and “not helping with the crucial bonding process during the first few weeks and months of being a parent”. 

There are other cribs out there that work in a similar fashion to the Snoo – the automatic rocking action in itself isn’t a new thing.

For example, the Halo Bassinest, which is a nifty little crib that can be positioned alongside the parents bed and has a vibrating and rocking action for baby got a rave review from our tester, and has a slightly less eye-watering price tag than the Snoo, at around £199.99.

Also, the 4Moms MamaRoo automatic rocker is a great option for daytime soothing and calming your little one, with its rocking movements and natural sounds function.

Our video of a prototype product, which rocks your pram or stroller to lull your baby off to sleep, generated a lot of debate over on our Facebook page, too. 

What do you think?

Is the Snoo cot something you would think about getting? Do let us know in the comments or on Facebook.

Image/Video: Facebook/Tech Insider

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