Wrexham parents are UK’s best storytellers

Get dramatic to give your children the best experience of books and reading, says survey


Reading to your children is one of the greatest ways to bond with them, help them learn and introduce them to the joy of books. For the launch of its Dairy Milk Buttons interactive online playbook, Cadbury asked 2,000 parents about reading to their children and discovered which UK counties have the best storytellers.


Wrexham topped the charts followed by Gloucester, Norwich, Newcastle, Cardiff, Brighton, Aberystwyth, Chelmsford, Birmingham and Leicester.

The survey also found 61% felt they should tell stories more often. This confirms what previous studies have suggested parents feeling guilty for not reading to their children more regularly.

Children’s author Sophie Snell has been working with Cadbury on its online playbook and had these tips for storytime.

  • Set aside time every day to read to your children and if you can, practice the story beforehand so you know what’s coming.
  • Be animated and use facial, expressions and physical gestures to bring it alive.
  • Use different voices for different characters. Don’t be shy, they won’t notice your Australian accent sounds Irish!
  • Change the story to include your children as characters or add rhymes, songs or alternative endings – be as creative as you can.

If your children are ready for the next step find out what games and tips you can use to get them learning to read for themselves.


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