You won’t believe how much Princess looks like mum Katie Price

The 7-year-old is growing up fast and resembles her model mum


Every mum thinks their little girl is beautiful – but Katie Price has gone one step further saying Princess is a “prettier version” of herself. Princess Tiaamii Crystal Esther Andre will turn 8 in June and we have to admit, she is looking more and more like her model mum.


The 7-year-old shares her mum’s curls – but has big blue eyes in place of Katie’s green peepers. “Princess prettier version of me,” Katie commented alongside a picture of her daughter and one of herself in her earlier modelling days.


And Katie hadn’t finished gushing about her eldest daughter. “I think my Princess is so gorgeous,” she commented on a picture of Princess with her blonde curls flowing over her shoulder.

The mum-of-5 also shared a picture of Princess cuddling her half-brother 20-month-old Jett and and sister 8-month-old Bunny. Just look at Bunny’s face – it looks like she’s inherited the same big eyes as her big sister!


And Princess hit a bit of a milestone of her own this week when she got her first pair of glasses. Wearing the tortoiseshell frames, Katie couldn’t resist sharing a picture of her daughter looking all grown-up. “My Princess with her first pair of glasses,” she wrote.

First glasses can always be a bit of a challenge at the beginning, so it’s great to see this smiley pic of Princess being shared. 

Photos: Instagram / Katie Price

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