Your baby boy’s growth rate could affect his future masculinity

Boys who grow rapidly within first six months reach puberty earlier, research has found


A study has found that baby boys who are well nourished and gain weight quickly throughout their first six months go on to be taller, stronger, have sex earlier and with more partners than those who develop more slowly. 


The study followed 800 young Filipino men from birth. Those who grew most rapidly from birth to six months reached puberty earlier and had higher testosterone levels.

Reseachers have linked these findings to the fact that boy babies have a surge of testosterone after birth, surprisingly around the same level as male adults.

“We looked at weight gain during this particular window of early life development because testosterone is very high at this age and helps shape the difference between males and females,” author of the study, Professor Christopher Kuzawa, has said.


Professor Christopher said this suggests the differences between men are affected by the environment they grew up in too, reports the Press Association.

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