Your guide to bagging a sales bargain

How to plan ahead to get the best deals from big name brands


Shopping the sales can be a bit intimidating, especially when you arrive to a queue of people who’ve been sleeping outside all night hoping to find that dress in a size 12.


But, with a bit of pre-sale prep, you can grab a bargain that you’ll be chuffed with.  No one wants an impulse buy hanging in their cupboard for four years with the tags still on…

The people at Shopological give us their top bargain-grabbing tips:

  1. Try not to leave it until the last day of the sale as invariably the size you’re looking for will be snapped up.
  2. Make a note of the shops that sell the kind of clothes that you like and target those when they have a sale.
  3. Look for classic pieces that will stand the test of time and give your wardrobe an update.
  4. Don’t always wait for the Christmas sales – stores are fighting to be competitive and have lots of discounts throughout the year. Signing up to their newsletters or VIP lists is a good way to keep in the know. 
  1. Shops tend to add new stock during longer sales, so take another peek a few days later. 
  2. If shopping online in the sales, put everything you want in your basket, but take a bit of a break before you hit buy. It’ll stop any impulse buys and save you some money. 
  3. Do treat yourself occasionally, especially if it’s 50% off. 
  4. Keep de-toxing your wardrobe so you have space for your new finds.

If you’ve got a great second hand item to sell, start a new thread in our forum to let other mums know.


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