Your stress can affect your child’s asthma

Suppressing your emotions can make asthma in children worse, according to new research


Mums who bottle up their anger or try to hide their emotions can increase the chance that their child will have severe asthma, reports the Telegraph.
Researchers studied 223 mums over a year and looked at the impact their stress levels, coping styles and parenting approaches had on their children. The children all had asthma and were aged between 2 and 12.


The scientists, from Japan’s Kyushu University Institute of Health Science, found that children over 7 experienced worse asthma attacks if their mum was over protective, while younger children suffered more if their mum was often angry or didn’t express her emotions when annoyed.

“Our results suggest that the mothers of younger children may be advised to pay more attention to the reduction of their own stress,” said Professor Jun Nagano, who conducted the study.

“Mothers of older children may be encouraged to increase their own wellbeing via proper egocentric and self-defensive activities, being careful to avoid too much interference with their children.”


Have you found that your mood has an affect on your child’s asthma? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this research…

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