YouTube family videos earn parents £100,000

Quick, get those cameras out – your home videos could earn you cash if they go viral


If you’ve got a stash of home videos in a cupboard gathering dust (or clogging up your hard drive), get them on YouTube as they could earn you up to £100,000!


It has been revealed that YouTube monitors all of the videos that are uploaded onto the site. If the videos have the potential to go viral, often reaching millions of viewers, the site will offer the owners of the clip a cut of the advertising revenue earned.

Parents in America have reportedly made anywhere from £3,000 up to a staggering £100,000 from their YouTube clips – with one of the most popular videos of last year being that of a baby boy simply biting his brother’s finger!

YouTube reportedly has an algorithm that determines how popular a video will become and will base its advertising strategy on this. If little Johnny smashing your favourite vase is likely to earn a lot of clicks, they’ll offer you the chance to make some money off the imbedded advertising.

The number of people earning £6,000 a year almost doubled, sources claim. Only a very small percentage of clips uploaded to YouTube go viral, with the key to success being how quickly they are shared. You don’t need to be the next Clint Eastwood – just get those cameras rolling! 

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