New mum’s poignant confessional: ‘This is me – overwhelmed, hungry, depleted, sad, confused’

"This isn’t postnatal depression, it’s transition and I wish I was forewarned. I'd love to know I'm not alone"


As well as being brilliant and exciting at times, being a new mum sure comes with pressures, rollercoaster emotions and ‘I can’t handle this’ days, too ?


And in a powerful Insta post, Zoe Marshall – an Australian radio host who had her first baby, Fox, just 5 weeks ago – has laid bare her thoughts on a particularly bad day.

Speaking about her struggles, while football star husband Benji Marshall was away for work, she wrote: 

“This is me. Overwhelmed, after crying in my room for an hour. Benj had been playing away and I just couldn’t handle any of it.

“I felt bad for wanting some space to breathe and weep. I felt scared that I didn’t know what Fox needed. I was so incredibly exhausted. Hungry. Depleted. Sad. Confused.

“Week 2 and 3 was so hard for me. I hadn’t left the house in days. I couldn’t catch up with life. Couldn’t bare to see visitors.

“I wasn’t myself and wasn’t managing. Why didn’t parents talk about this phase? I felt so alone. Isolated. There’s going to be so many joyful times with baby Fox shared on social media.

“I need to show you the realness too, the days of not getting time to eat, of poo explosions (Fox’s not mine), of never ending laundry and dishes, of crying over nothing, of not being able to sleep when you get to have a sleep, of the sore neck, wrists, back, nipples, of butting heads with your partner and scrolling Google for answers.

“Not to mention the healing your body is going through, pants that don’t fit, strength you no longer have in your body. It’s a hard hard time. As glorious as having a little miracle is we need to acknowledge the transition into parenthood and how challenging that can be.

“I’m having much better days now with a few of these thrown in for good measure (like the last two days – brutal). This isn’t post natal depression it’s transition and I wish I was forewarned. I’d love to know I’m not alone.

“What was the biggest challenge for you?”


Ah man, hands up if you could’ve written this yourself ☝️

We know how amazing becoming a mum can be – but we also know there are days when it all seems to much.

And we think Zoe’s question at the end of her post speaks volumes: she’s asking other mums what they’ve found hard, because she wants to know she’s not the only one.

Naturally, it turns out, she isn’t. Replying to her post, one fan said: “It is so very overwhelming being a mummy for the first time.

“And you’re right, no one ever wants to speak about the hard times and struggles. Just take each day as it comes. Sending love and strength to you.”

Then there was this: “You are not alone! Totally understand how you are feeling… I love this post!

“I hope you are doing better, I’ve always been told what makes you wanna give up sometimes is what becomes our strength if you endure it all… these struggles makes us stronger.”


Image: Zoe Marshall/Instagam

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