10 week bump gallery – pregnancy in pictures

Pregnancy bump photos from our MFM mums


10 weeks

Thanks Jwebster82 for this photo. She’s predicting a sizeable bump this pregnancy. “Can see me being big this time… baby number 4.” Among the pics here, we’ve got two expecting their 4th baby and a great twin bump photo. Are you expecting twins or maybe more? If so, you might like our multiples thread


3tnboys @ 10 weeks

And this is also 3tnboys‘ 4th baby. She says, “Still not a lot of change but eagerly awaiting to show.”


xpj85x @ 10 weeks + 5 days with twins

We’d love to see more twin and multiple birth bumps!


Kelly2016 @ 10 weeks + 3 days

I am 10 weeks 3 days too. Here is my bump. Really finding it hard to hide now. Just taken the photo – Kelly2016


Dinky152 @ 10 weeks

Does anyone else feel like they are showing lots? I’m 10 weeks and this is my first pregnancy, I’ve not gained any weight (in fact I’ve lost a little) but my tummy is really big and I can’t fit into my clothes – Dinky152

Amelia Ownes

Amelia @ 10 weeks

Daniella Smith

Daniella @ 10 weeks

Laura Dabbs

Laura @ 10 weeks

Laura Saliba

Laura @ 10 weeks

Lauren Eden

Lauren @ 10 weeks

Leanne Belshaw

Leanne @ 10 weeks


Milly @ 10 weeks

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