9 weeks

A couple of mums have shared how they're feeling at this stage. One has said they have found sleeping difficult and that she "always feels tired, keep waking up with restless legs and horrible vivid dreams. Mild backache and sharp pains". Another has said she has a craving for sweet things.


3tnboys (pictured) has shared her bump, saying, "I'm just now 9 weeks with my 4th baby but I wanted to go ahead and start with my belfies now...".


AromaticKate @ 9 weeks + 3 days

AromaticKate is still waiting for her bump to show. She says, "9+3. Nothing much happening yet. I think I'm just getting fatter because of stuffing my face rather than anything else!"


Bluehawaii90 @ 9 weeks + 5 days

How is it possible to pop out more in the evening? This was mine last night (scuse the pj's lol) im 9 + 5 ish - Bluehawaii90


K85m @ 9 weeks + 1 day

9 weeks and 1 day!!!! I am seriously full though and it been toilet for couple days lol sorry tmi - K85m

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