Watch our video to see what your baby looks like this week

Your baby’s looking more and more like, well, a baby! His or her ears and eyes are now properly positioned, and those facial muscles can do squinting and frowning. There’s still plenty of leg and arm-waving going on and, sometimes, a little thumb ends up in a little mouth. Accidental but sweet!


And here's a 3D scan of a 16 week baby...

So what's happening to your body this week?

‘Ooh, me back!’ Yup, you’re suddenly feeling sympathy for those little old ladies who gasp when they stand up and sigh when they sit down. But why? It’s not like you’ve got that much bump to hoick around just yet.

Point the big finger of blame at the (aptly-named) pregnancy hormone relaxin, which is busy loosening your ligaments and joints, making things more prone to twisting and slippage and generally going a bit off-kilter.

Gentle exercise, like swimming, can ease the ache, as can Sensible Susan posture stuff, like not staying in the same position for hours on end, and bending your knees when you’re lifting things up from the floor.

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Did you know? Your baby's now the length of... a mini quiche


This week, your baby measures 11.6cm - the same length as a small quiche.

And is around the weight of... a baking potato


Your baby now weighs around 3.5oz (100g)!

4 things you might need to know this week

MFMer's tip of the week from our forum

“I'm 16 weeks and still haven't felt anything yet. I did read that it can happen with your 1st baby anytime between 14 weeks and 22 weeks, so that's quite a bit of leeway! I'm hoping to start getting flutters soon” - WOWbabies

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Is it normal... to have bleeding gums?


As you're finding out, bodily fluids love to leak out as your body prepares to have a baby, and bleeding gums are very common during pregnancy.

But don't worry, it's those potent baby-growing hormones AGAIN, this time causing your gums to soften, swell and possibly become inflamed.

So does it mean you give your teeth a brushing break? 'No!', screams every dentist in the country. Perversely you actually need to brush your teeth even more.

Our preg recipe for week 16 - Caramel swirl chocolate brownies


Why chocolate is great for your growing baby (yay!)

Ready for the best news ever? Chocolate is good for you – and could work wonders on your baby, too. Oh yes: scientific fact and everything! A Finnish study has found that mums-to-be who ate chocolate daily had babies who were less irritable and more easily soothed. It could be something to do with the way chocolate affects our serotonin levels but, frankly, why waste valuable choc-chomping time finding out more..?

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Baby namer - what do you think of these names inspired by precious stones?

The natural world is a popular place to look for interesting baby names. What about these precious stones for names?

Amber is the word for orange fossilised tree resin. As a gemstone it's meant to balance the emotions and ease stress. Amber is also where scientists in Jurassic Park find preserved dinosaur DNA.
Celeb baby-name-check: actress Amber Heard was married to Johnny Depp.

Jet (also spelled Jett) is a black mineral that forms from coalified wood. The gemstone is so dark jet is also used to describe anything with a glossy black colour.
Celeb baby-name-check: Katie Price named her 3rd son Jett.

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So that's plenty for this week, want to take a peek at what lies ahead - or look back at last week?