15 Weeks Pregnant – what to expect

Now you're 15 weeks pregnant, this week is all about the dark line on your tummy, glucose tolerance tests, painful wrists and hands and award-winning preg creams and lotions to stock up on...


Watch our video to see what your baby looks like this week

Your baby’s mouth now opens every so often, ready for swallowing practice. Tiny bones are starting to form in arms and legs, and a temporary coating of downy hair, called lanugo, covers your baby’s body to keep it snug and warm.


And here’s a 3D scan of a 15 week baby…

So what’s happening to your body this week?

Say hello to your linea nigra (‘dark line’). Your pregnancy tattoo’s free, but don’t worry, there’s no ink, pain or dolphins involved. You don’t get to choose where it goes either; it’s headed for your tummy – running from your pubic bone up to your belly button (sometimes beyond).

Actually, you’ve kind of always had it. All of us (men, too) have a linea alba (‘white line’) in the same place; we just don’t see it.

Pregnancy makes us release more melanin (skin pigment), making the line we have look darker. Yours may not show much or it may be really obvious. Either way, it’ll fade back to ‘alba’ once you’ve given birth.

Our MFMer’s 15-week bump of the week


Is yours starting to show? Check out other MFMers’ bumps in our 15 week bump gallery.

Did you know? Your baby’s now the length of… a blini


This week, your baby measures 10.1cm – around the length of these delicious mini party pancakes.

And is around the weight of… a plum


Your baby now weighs around 1.75oz (50g)!

4 things you might need to know this week

MFMer’s tip of the week from our forum

“Pregnancy hormones do insane things to your emotions. I have been crying at my desk for most of the day. Then someone just left their phone ringing without answering and I’ve just bitten their head off – this is not like me!” – rach28

Want to share your pregnancy with others going through the same as you? There’s a birth club for your due date – take a look

Got some maternity jeans yet?


Ah, these are clever. Preg jeans grow with you so you can buy them now and they’ll last a few months, hurrah. There are two types to choose from – over the bump (which come with a big stretchy panel) or under the bump (which come with a small stretchy waistband).

The best bit? If you wear a long top, they’ll look like ordinary jeans. And they come in lots of cuts – not ‘these jeans make me look pregnant’ style but skinny, boyfriend, ankle grazers, kick flare, jeggings and even trashed (thank you H&M).

Our preg recipe for week 15 – Strawberry shortcake overnight oats


Why oats are great for your growing baby

The gold-star grain of the cereal world, oats contain potassium, iron and the complex carbs that can steady levels of glucose in your bloodstream. Eat at breakfast to minimise the pre-lunch slump or, if lingering morning sickness is making you too queasy to eat first thing, an oaty mid-morning snack should perk you up. Oh, and if pregnancy’s leaving you, erm, challenged in the lavatory department, oats are high in fibre, too…

See the full recipe and get cooking…

Baby namer – what do you think of these names written in the stars?

If you’re not so keen on modern, trendy names, what about these names from classical mythology that also reference astronomy? 

Luna is from the latin word for the moon. In Ancient Rome, Luna was the Goddess of the Moon, worshipped when the moon was full. 
Celeb baby-name-check: Penelope Cruz named her daughter Luna.

If your baby is bit of a looker on your hands, then Apollo is just perfect – it means manly beauty. In Greek mythology, Apollo was the god of healing who drove his fiery chariot (the sun) across the sky.
Celeb baby-name-check: Gwen Stefani named her 3rd son Apollo.

You can find more inspiration in our Baby Names section. 


So that’s plenty for this week, want to take a peek at what lies ahead – or look back at last week?

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