Chinese gender prediction chart – can it predict your baby’s sex?

Use the ancient chart to see whether you're pregnant with a boy or girl - and we'll tell you how accurate your result is likely to be


Perhaps one of the most fun ways to guess whether you’re going to have a boy or a girl is the Chinese gender prediction chart.There’s no scientific evidence behind it, but hey, it’s got a 50:50 chance of being right.


How does it work?

The Chinese chart claims to predict a baby’s sex based on:

  • the mother’s lunar age at conception – the green column on the left
  • the month of conception – the green row at the top

Your lunar age is your age plus one year, as in Chinese tradition you’re one year old when you’re born.

What’s its history?

Word goes that the chart was invented by a Chinese scientist around 700 years ago, in the Ching Dynasty and written originally in the Manchu language, but was buried in an ancient tomb.

It found its way into British hands in 1900 where it was translated, later being printed in Austria and then by a Chinese scholar who printed it in Taiwan.

To this day it appears in the Chinese Farmer’s Almanac every year.

Is there any science to the Chinese gender prediction chart?

The short answer is no. While it’s likely there was some method when the chart was put together, it’s not clear what that was and it would have been based on ancient rather than modern science methods.


What our mums say

Lots of the gender prediction tests are talked about on our forums…clearly plently of mums-to-be simply don’t want to wait for that all-important 20-week scan to find out if they’re having a boy or a girl (we totally get that!). But when it boils down to it…does this chart work?

MissisB says:

“I’ve just done it for my two. It predicted Isla would be a boy!! But it was right in predicting Maya would be a girl.”

missdeedee says:

“I did it when I was pregnant and before we knew what we were having and it was correct with a boy.”

What’s the MadeForMums verdict?

Fun to do with friends…but if you do want to name your chickens before they’ve hatched we still reckon waiting for the 20-week scan is your best bet (sorry!)

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