Watch our video to see what your baby looks like this week

Things are getting all cute and dimply in the arm and thigh department, with your baby putting on roughly 226g (half a pound) a week. He or she may now have a good head of hair or may still be a baldie: you’ll get to find out at the birth.


And here's a 3D scan of a 37 week baby...

So what's happening to your body this week?

You may find your pants are, er, a bit damper these days. In the last few weeks of pregnancy, your cervix and vaginal walls get softer and, to prevent infections getting into your womb, you produce more discharge.

Also, your poor old pelvic floor is now taking such a daily battering from the pressure of your baby’s weight that the odd bit of wee might escape when you laugh or cough. Oh the joys of late pregnancy, eh?

If the discharge is streaked with mucus or blood, it could be a ‘show’ (the mucus plug coming away from your cervix). Or if the ‘wee’ you’ve leaked is not yellow and doesn’t smell (of wee), your waters may have broken. Call your midwife but don’t panic. Labour’s near but probably not for hours – or days – yet.

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Did you know? Your baby's now the length of... 3 hot dogs

This week, your baby measures 48.6cm - as long as 3 hot dogs side by side.

And is around the weight of... 10 paperback books

Your baby now weighs around 6lb 6oz (2.9kg)!

4 things you might need to know this week

MFMers' tip of the week from our forum

“I thought I'd been quite lucky up until now with the stretchmarks but in the last week I can see them all appearing. I was upset but kind of getting over it now. It's not like my beach -bod days aren't well and truly over anyway! I might need to ditch my younger slim friends now though... ” - Dori27

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Is it safe... to drive in late pregnancy?

Yes, it is safe, even if it feels a bit of a squeeze – although you must feel comfy. Kate Middleton drove Prince George when she was 8 months pregnant with Charlotte.

But you must feel comfortable and fit to drive. Basically don't get behind the wheel if you're yawning away or are battling pregxhaustion and best to avoid driving long distances if you can.

And pull that seat belt as far as it goes, as it's essential that you keep wearing it right the way through your pregnancy. Just as well seat belts go a long way.

Our preg recipe for week 37 - Miso brown rice with broccoli salad and fiery prawns

Why brown rice is great for your baby

The thing about brown rice is that it’s brown, and that means more of the wholegrain is in it – and with the wholegrain comes fibre, iron, B vitamins and various pregnancy-friendly minerals that are probably missing from your average portion of white rice.

Yes, you might think its nuttier taste is a bit ‘worthy’ but it’ll keep you fuller for longer and <plays trump card> it’s also said to reduce stress.

Baby namer - what do you think of these worldly names?

Gone through the baby name lists and finding them all a bit run of the mill? Wanting something a bit more unique? What about these two names that might have been picked up from your globetrotting days?

Kahekili is a Hawaiian name that means thunder. Pronounced Kaa-heh-kiy-liy, this name might take some explaining but is certainly unusual.
Celeb baby-name-check: Evangeline Lilly named her first son Kahekili.

In Buddhism, Bodhi is the understanding Buddha has about the true nature of things. It's traditionally means enlightenment in English, but its literal meaning is awakening.
Celeb baby-name-check: Megan Fox named her first son Bodhi.

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So that's plenty for this week, want to take a peek at what lies ahead - or look back at last week?