40 weeks

It's 40 weeks and your due date is here or past. Welcome back to those who thought they'd already posted their last belfie! Seems like at 40 weeks, our mums-to-be have stopped counting the extra days... frenchmum shares her bump and writes, "40 weeks and still here :-(" What are you doing to pass the time while you're waiting? Have you tried any old wives' tales to move things along? Eating pineapple or spicy curries? Sex?


Rach2186 @ 40 weeks

"Due today will my third! I hope this baby hurries up!!"


Alba B@ 40 weeks

"This is me over and out! Last pic as going in to have my baby Wednesday morning. This is me ready for my last supper before I go nil-by-mouth! X"


Tankgirl81 @ 40 weeks (due date)

"Getting anxious now!"


Squeak185 @ 40 weeks (due date)

"So today is my official due date"

Charli Hatton

Charli @ 40 weeks

Hannah Tonnard

Hannah @ 40 weeks

Jenny Bullous

Jenny @ 40 weeks

Lauren Carter Leay

Lauren @ 40 weeks

Leanne Belshaw

Leanne @ 40 weeks

Rebecca Gazzi

Rebecca @ 40 weeks

Ruth Quanrud

Ruth @ 40 weeks

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