8 unusual boys’ baby names

Looking for something a little different for a baby boy - but not outlandish. Here are some of the most popular but unusual names and what they mean


The name Ace is of Latin origin and means “number one”. It’s often a term used for some one who is expert at something, for example ‘football ace’ and is also the highest card in a pack of cards. 


Breccan is an Irish name meaning “freckled” or “speckled”. It’s also the name of a saint from the Isle of Aran.

Yes – Brick. This name is found in various English forms, Irish Gaelic words, and German words Bruck or Breck, meaning “swamp” or “wood”. In Yiddish, the word Brik means “bridge” and the Slovenian word Bric means “dweller from a hilly place”. It’s also the name of the hero in ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’ by Tennessee Williams and the youngest son in the US TV comedy series ‘The Middle’. 

Chet originates from a shortened version of Chester and means “fortress” or “walled town”.

The name Maxfield is of English origin and means “Macc’s field”. The name may be related to the Latin Maximus, which means “the greatest”.

Nicandro is a Spanish variation from Greek origin. It means “man of victory”.

Ozias is a name of Greek origin and means “salvation”.


Stellan is a name of Swedish origin which is said to mean “calm”. It’s ‘an’ ending makes it sound similar to the popular boys’ names Kellen and Kellan. 

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