If you’re new to pregnancy or trying to conceive forums, the language used can be unfamiliar: reading DPO, AF and EBF for the first time can be alienating. I mean, WTF?!


Here's your guide to the abbreviations and acronyms you may see on our MadeForMums Chat forum:

1WW / 2WW - 1/2 week wait between ovulation and period

AC - Agnus castus

ADN - Any day now

AF - Aunty Flo (ie, your menstrual period)

AI - Artificial insemination

AID - Artificial insemination with donor sperm

AIH - Artificial insemination with partner’s sperm

BAC - By any chance

BBT - Basal body temperature

BD - Baby dancing (sex!)

BF - Breastfeeding

BFN - Big fat negative pregnancy test result

BFP - Big fat positive pregnancy test result

BIL - Brother-in-law

BP - Blood pressure / Birth plan

BTDT - Been there, done that

BTW - By the way

CB - Clearblue

CBD - Clearblue Digital

CD - Cycle day

CM - Cervical mucus

DD - Dear/darling daughter

DF - Dear/darling fiancé/fiancée or father or friend

DH - Dear/darling husband

DP - Dear/darling partner

DS - Dear/darling son

DSD - Dear/darling stepdaughter

DSS - Dear/darling stepson

DW - Dear/darling wife

DI - Donor insemination

DPO - Days past ovulation

EDD - Estimated due date

EBM - Expressed breast milk

EP - Ectopic pregnancy

EPO - Evening primrose oil

EPT - Early pregnancy test

EWCM - Egg white cervical mucus

FET - Frozen embryo transfer

FIL - Father-in-law

FFS - For f***s sake!

FR - First response

FYI - For your information

GD - Gestational diabetes

GL - Good luck

GTC - Going to conceive

GTT - Glucose tolerance test

GYN - Gynaecologist

HPT - Home pregnancy test

HTH - Hope that / this helps

HV - Health visitor

IC - Internet cheapie (pregnancy test)

IMO/ IMHO - In my opinion/in my humble/honest opinion

IUI - Intrauterine insemination

IVF - In vitro fertilisation

LH - Luteinizing hormone

LMAO - Laugh my ass off

LMFAO - Laugh my f*****g ass off

LO - Little one

LOL - Laugh out loud

MC / MMC - Miscarriage/Multiple miscarriages

MIL - Mother-in-law

MS - Morning sickness

MW - Midwife

OB - Obstetrician

OH - Other half

OHSS - Ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome

OMG - Oh my god / goodness

OPK - Ovulation predictor kit

OV - Ovulation

PCO - Polycystic ovaries

PCOS - Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

PG - Pregnant

PMA - Positive mental attitude

PMSL - P*****g myself laughing

POAS - Pee on a stick (do a pregnancy test)

PUPO - Pregnant until proven otherwise

R + R - Read and run

SAHM - Stay-at-home mum

SB - Stillbirth

SIL - Sister-in-law

SO - Significant other

TBH - To be honest

TC - Take care

TIA - Thank you in advance

TLDR - Too long, didn't read

TMI - Too much information

TTC - Trying to conceive

TY - Thank you

UTD - Up the duff

UPSI - Unprotected sexual intercourse

US or U/S - Ultrasound

VBAC - Vaginal birth after caesarean

VE - Vaginal examination

WB - Welcome back

We hope you found this useful and not TMI…


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