In a nutshell

Yes, it is safe to eat crisps when you're pregnant.


The expert view

So why worry about crisps?

Well, research has shown that babies born to women with a high dietary intake of a chemical called acrylamide – which is found when frying potato or cereal products - were found to be 132g (4.6oz) lighter than babies born to mothers who had a low intake.

The study also found that the infants' heads were up to 0.33cm smaller.

So does that mean you should stop eating crisps?

No. The Food Standards Agency says that following a healthy, balanced diet is enough, and you don’t need to stop eating crisps. You'd clearly have to eat an excessive amount of crisps for there to be any concern.

Nutritionist Dr Rana Conway adds: "Eating crisps occasionally is fine, but they're generally high in salt and fat so it's better to have healthier savoury snacks such as breadsticks with houmous, crackers with reduced fat cheese or rice cakes with peanut butter. These will provide more of the nutrients your baby needs."

Mums in our forum say

Crisps. They settle my 24/7 nausea, I don't feel like I've overeaten, and they taste bl00dy lovely.


"But I am getting fatter every day. What can I have that's similar to crisps but not crisps? I've polished off a box of Ritz biscuits in 3 days and they don't cut it like crisps. I'm going to have to be cut out of my house in 3 weeks time if I carry on.." - Counter